"Of two evils choose the least" Aristotle.


The clashes broke out between the Crimean Tatars and Russians, the opponents and the supporters of the disconnection of the Crimea near the building of the Supreme council of Crimea in Simferopol, February 26, 2014. About several thousand people were throwing in each other with the sticks, stones and bottles. They created a terrible crush in which two people were killed and dozens were injured.



Thousands of people have been expelled against their will or voluntary with the peninsula in a few months during the annexation of the Crimea. The military, who refused to give the oath of Russia, were evicted from the military units, expelled from the ships and sent to the mainland urgently. Many citizens were forced to leave the Crimea forever or until better times come by the reason the advent of the new government, changes in the legislation, the lack of registration at the place of residence. 




The voluntary people's guards, activists and self-defense of the Crimea were formed from the local residents. They made the occupation of the military units, ships, an expulsion from the official dwelling. Russian military occupied the territory when it was free from Ukrainian military. The exception was the military base of Belbek Airport. It was stormed by armed men on armored vehicles.


The residents were faced with the great difficulties. But this isnТt the worst thing that could happen. An example is the situation in Donbass.